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Been pretty slack round here lately, I've been fairly busy with one thing or another.

This is the last post, any new pictures will be posted at the BMXMDB from now on.

As a parting shot I've filled in Case's eligibility questionnaire. They might take me a few tries (question 6 a few sessions) but I've ticked 7 out of 9, and you only need 3. But I fail on 10 continuous years service. I've ridden between 1981 - 88 , 92 - 99 and 2007 -

My opinion from this day forward, clearly counts for's a few pics of me over the years.

Yorkroadresize_square Decade_square Stanleyroadresize_square Magnolia_square Grove_square

It seems there's a few similarities between these publications.

  • 1. They're both free
  • 2. I don't like the front cover font on either
  • 3. Some of the writings awful.

  • When I first picked up my copy of Case and saw that the editorial was center justified, I've gotta admit I was worried, but in general I liked the rest of the layout. Some good use of negative whitespace, and some pretty on point pics.

    So you're wondering what "Twist" is, that's the first issue of a 'zine I did when I was 15 (1986 if you're counting) Why did I have a skater on the front? Fucked if I know, probably R.A.D. inspired, it does have some very bad reproductions of some of my first ever SLR BMX shots and some terrible writing, though at that age I still reckon I knew the difference between comprehend and apprehend. You can download the whole 5 pages here.

    All respect to Netley for getting off his arse to challenge the Ride/Dig duopoly, let's hope he makes it to Issue 2, Twist never did.


F%*k me a post, been a little busy with the Volt BMX site, and another project that you'll here about soon.
Went on a solo mission to Legacy due to the glorious weather we're having, few snaps of Zak, who's just been picked up by Mutant Bikes

Zak-1_square Zak-2_square Zak-4_square Zak-5_square

one false move

I guess this is Greg's excuse for not writing on here, because I'm pretty sure he's still as salty as ever. He always talks about filming cameras and stuff, but we never get to see much output. This is apparently about to change as he's been filming full time for the last 5 months and hospitalized only 2 people so far, so I asked him a few questions.

There's a trailer at the bottom if you can't be arsed to read all this.

Name, age and residency?

Greg Short, twenty seven, residing Bromley.

When and how did you picked up videography?

I guess I always messed around with cameras, I picked that up from my dad who has always been into still photography. Video just sort of evolved from that. I got my first personal video camera when I was about 16 I think.

Have you studied anything cinematography related or are you completely self-taught?

I'm self taught (though not sure how much I have learnt!). I started a college course but it turned out to be bullshit so I quit it!

What have we seen from you before?

Just web edits really, mainly its always been personal,'Til now!

How do you think your filming and editing style has evolved from project to project into the current state?Has it changed?

I think it has just evolved over the years. You learn how to do different things and what looks pleasing to the eye, my eye at least! Things have changed dramatically since the early days!

The quality of BMX videos seem to have boosted in recent time. Why do you think this has happened?

I guess (until this economic crisis), things were getting cheaper and more affordable which helps obviously but also the internet anonymous comments mean people can rip your latest web edit to bits. Maybe this inspires people to take more time over things?Or put in more effort the next time they film?Also I think people see things that one person has done and want to emulate it. One good edit leads to another etc.

Are there any guys you appreciate filming/directing/editing wise in BMX?

There's a few actually, first and foremost Mr. Joe Simon. Everything that guy does is awesome, he has a great eye for a shot and will/wont work. Its not even fair what he's done to BMX films. The guy that does the video work for Woozy Dominik Wrobel, he's doing some awesome stuff lately as well. His 5D stuff recently has been awesome to watch. Im a big fan of that. As well as those two there is a load of people out there doing awesome things right now.

I know you don't always purely shoot BMX, what other stuff do you shoot and has it influenced any way your bike related work?

It is mainly BMX but sometimes something just catches your eye and you feel obliged to capture it. I think everything relates some way to the work I do with BMX. I probably wouldn't even own a camera if I didn't shoot BMX.

What kind of camera and other filming/production equipment do you use?

Its mainly a Sony VX2100 (Until Scarlet!), though I have a TRV900 for second angles when I need it. I need to upgrade to HD soon as for some reason I feel like Im being left in the dark ages! Other than that its a Mac for editing sing Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Photoshop/Illustrator. Its pretty standard and definitely not anything exciting!

What's making you hold out on going HD, and which route do you see yourself going?

Finances (and shitty codecs)! I quit my job to go to Austin basically. Apparently now is NOT the best time to be out of work! Luckily I have other things occasionally so its not too dire. Im really eagerly awaiting the Scarlet announcement on Oct 30th to see what's going on there camera wise. Other than that Im really into the 5/7D look or the GH1. The shallow DOF gets me every time. Or the HMC150 or HVX200, there's a LOT of good cameras out there right now! Though finances may dictate something else!

What are your influences when making BMX videos, both inside and outside of BMX?

I'm influenced by everything! I see an advert on TV and try and work out how that would work with bikes. Just listening to a song causes me to edit something to it in my head. Its sub-conscious now! With BMX influence its just seeing people having a good time and wanting to capture that that inspires me. Outside BMX I watch a lot of Skate videos as well and Ty Evans and Jason Hernandez are basically amazing.

Is there anything that frustrates you the in BMX?

Ha! Have you not read what I write?! Sooo many things frustrate me in BMX! In fact EVERYTHING about BMX frustrates me! From Shoes to jeans. Im either overly sensitive or easily pissed!

Do you have a favorite rider to shoot with?

I have shot with Sam Bryant just about every day for the last 4 or 5 months and if I have to see him again it will be too soon! Seriously, I don't know. Anyone that has thoughts and ideas and the determination to make them reality. So not Sam, or Alex Nash. Right now its Arron Boggis. I cant wait til he's riding again. Heal soon Ronnie.

What are the most important qualities needed to have to be a good BMX videographer?

Patience?It's probably not as bad as filming skate stuff but watching people trying the same thing 30 times can wear you down but you cant let it get to you. It'll either happen or it wont. Its not me risking my bones so I couldn't possibly get annoyed by that (unless its 30 try Sam). Also being able to set up properly and pretty quick if someone has something they have one shot at.

Do you ever worry that a rider doesn’t like the angle or something else of a banger trick you just shot of him or you are always confident in your filming skills and judgement?

Ha! I think I am my own worst nightmare when it comes to criticism. I take any ideas on board and will usually try them out and see how it looks. I usually have a pretty good idea where I want to be and how I want to shoot it but all ideas welcome!!

Favorite things to film?

I guess street, thats where I seem to spend the majority of my time filming. I like that its constantly somewhere different and always changing though sometimes that can be a hinderance. Trails are good to film at as well but they bring a different set of issues!

Favorite spots for filming?

Austin. No question. The light always seems different in Texas!

If money weren’t an issue what would you use for making a video?

I would hire a DOP! i think I would just go all out! 10 Red One cameras and prime lenses, Phantoms, high speed cameras, the lot. Id want a sound crew as well. Either that or do the whole thing on antique film cameras for the look. Shit thats a tough question!

What’s a piece of video equipment you’d really like to own?

I think if it wasn't a camera I would say a top spec Mac Pro and cinema displays! If it was a camera I'd want a Red One and all the accessories! Bring on the lottery win!

In your eyes what makes a good video part or whole video?

Thats tough. the riding has to be there but film wise, just shot nicely and exposed properly (wrong exposure its a pet peeve). A good soundtrack goes a long way to creating atmosphere.

What are you working on at the moment?

My first real full length DVD. Its a learning curve! We have 3 main rider sections, Sam Bryant, Alex Nash and Arron Boggis and Ben Qual have a split section, its more of a scene thing so there will be other sections with other riders as well. its exciting but stressful as well. The riders have all (except Ben) given it a lot to get what they want out there so, show some love and pick up a copy when its out!

How much footage have you shot for this project?

I think we've clocked about 20 or so hours of riding so far, there's still a little way to go.

You spent a few months in Austin this year, how was that, and will the footage you shot be in this project?

yeah for sure, I didn't film a whole lot while I was there but there will definitely be an Austin bonus section in there!

How important do you think is to have a good relationship between a rider and a filmer?

It's helpful of course but not essential. I think that sometimes shooting your friends can be harder than strangers. Especially if they fall (and they do).

How did you choose the music for this videos?Is it entirely your decision or riders have input as well?

Sam seems to think he has the last say but he's dead wrong! I have most of it picked out already but not the whole lot. Riders are welcome to suggest music but if it doesn't work, it doesn't get used. Its a shame but you cant make everyone happy all the time! Im sure everyone except Sam will be happy!

Anybody had you sitting on a curb for hours while they bitch ran?

HAHA!! thats an interesting question. I think that everyone has something they want to do then they have to build up to it. Unfortunately I know that they could pull it on any attempt so I have to press that red button regardless! I have spent a LONG time not filming a certain person of the Jewish persuasion at the banks in Bromley though!!

Has anything scary ever happened when you were filming?

Yeah definitely, its been a bit of a shit storm really! Sam rolled his ankle really badly at the start of filming which meant he wasn't 100% for a while. Arron broke his arm snaking Bert's gap at the pub, he should be riding this weekend for the first time since he did that so we'll see how he gets on after that. Ben smashed his thumb (and is generally MIA) so that set him back and to top it all off Alex nearly killed himself sliding a rail. That was really scary actually, but 5 hours in resuscitation and a few CT scans and x-rays and he was good to go again a few days later. We have some fire stuff that we did as well. Our Pyro guy was stoned and his safety plan was non-existent so that got a bit scary!!

Is this going to be trick-after-trick pure riding video or a video with a sort of script and concept?

Its gonna be what's its gonna be! Don't wanna give away too much!

When can we expect to see the finished project?

I'm aiming for a December January premier but Im not sure if its realistic to put a deadline on a bunch of slackers like us and expect to meet it!!

DVD or just for the Web?

I'ts Purely DVD, no web action here. I wanted to do something physical rather than just existing in 1s and 0s. Something you can use as a coaster, frisbee or whatever you want!

any thanks?

Firstly the riders, obviously without them I wouldn't have anything to shoot so thanks to them! They've all half killed themselves for this so I cant thank them enough or ask for any more. They all rule so THANK YOU to all of them. I wanna take the opportunity to thank Colin Austin for everything, ever. you fucking rule, thanks! I have to thank Nick as well for this interview and everything else as well! Also I'll thank anyone that goes out there and buys a DVD!!

Thanks Greg for doing the interview, watch the trailer for One False Move below.

One False Move: Trailer 1 from greg short on Vimeo.

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